Hi, its Tom the montage guy! Here’s your guide to preparing for the montage.

Start by downloading the Montage Form. (right click the link and “Save Link As…”) It reviews the montage guidelines and offers song suggestions. Note that we need to know if you want intro and ending text and what it would be if you do. Review the sample montages on this page for examples.

Your images should be numbered in order (001,002, etc). If you would like us to combine images into one slide, add an “a,b or c” (i.e. 0034a, 0034b) so I know which should be together.

If you have video clips, number them like the photos so I know where they should play. If needed, specify: “Play video A.avi from 10 seconds to 21 seconds”.


Instead of dropping off a USB drive with the images, you can send them via this easy website:

Fill out the form with this as a reference:

Click Add Folder to browse to the image folder on your computer.

In the message section, you can write the intro/outro text, song titles and order, which part of the songs to play or when they should start.

Here’s an example:Email if you have any questions.


Sample Montages